Junior Church | June 14

Welcome to At-Home Junior Church! Today we are we worshiping God because He works in unexpected ways!

Here are some songs to sing!



For Parents

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Theme:God works in unexpected ways.
Goal:Children will worship God for His unexpected good works in their lives, and they will tell others about those good works.
Text:2 Kings 5:1-16
Summary:Naaman was a successful army commander from Aram who was stricken with leprosy. When raiders captured a servant girl from Israel, she told Naaman’s wife that there was a prophet in Samaria that could heal Naaman. He secured permission from the king to go visit Israel. The group first stopped to speak with the king of Israel, and he was distressed because he thought the group was asking him to heal Naaman. Elisha told the king to send Naaman to him. As Naaman reached the door, Elisha sent his servant with these instructions: wash seven times in the Jordan River. These directions seemed too disgraceful for Naaman, so he left in anger. His servant reminded him that he would have done something great if Elisha commanded, so why not something small? Naaman went back and followed the directions, and was healed! He tried to reward Elisha, but the prophet excepted no gifts.
Discussion Starters:• Why was Naaman angry with Elisha? • Why do you think God does unexpected things in our lives? • What do you think God might have planned for you?

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