Junior Church | May 31

Welcome to At-Home Junior Church! Today we are we worshiping God because He is alive!

Here are some songs to sing!


For Parents

For Sunday evening ideas, check out Minno Church at Home for a video, coloring pages, and other activities.

Theme:God is alive.
Goal:Children will worship God because He is alive in their lives.
Text:Acts 17:16-31
Summary:While in Athens, Paul was distressed by the prevalence of idols in the city. He debated with Jews, Greeks and philosophers. Some dismissed him, but others invited him to one of their meetings for an introduction to Paul’s teachings. He told them that the “unknown God” they worshiped was the God who made the heaven and earth, the God who needs nothing and lives in no temple, the God who made man and determines their lives. We are God’s offspring, and He is not an image of man’s design. He commands people to repent before the day when the world will be judged by Jesus, who is proven by his resurrection from the dead.
Discussion Starters:• What is wrong with worshiping idols?
• What do you think Paul did when he saw the idols the Athenians worshiped?
• What do we know about God that we could tell other people?

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