Junior Church | May 17

Welcome to At-Home Junior Church! Today we are we worshiping God because He is honored when we stand up for Him!

Here are some songs to sing!

Steven Stands Up for Jesus

Do Right

Video Questions

  • Have you ever faced a situation like this?
  • What did you learn from this video about how to stand up for God?
  • Why is God honored when we stand up for him?

For Parents

For Sunday evening ideas, check out Minno Church at Home for a video, coloring pages, and other activities.

Theme:God is honored when we stand up for Him.
Goal:Children will stand up for God in their worship.
Text:Acts 6:8-7:60
Summary:Stephen did great miracles among the people, but opposition rose against him from the Jews. They persuaded some people to lie and accuse Stephen of blasphemy. He was arrested and taken before the Sanhedrin. After the parade of false witnesses, Stephen was allowed to speak. He summarized the history of Israel: Abraham moving to Canaan, God’s promise to him, the birth of Isaac, Jacob, the twelve patriarchs, Joseph being sold to Egypt, Jacob’s family moving to Egypt to avoid famine, slavery in Egypt, Moses’ birth, life and leading the people from Egypt, idolatry with the golden calf, and the Tabernacle of God. He accused the Jews of being stubborn, always persecuting God’s prophets. They were furious at this, but when Stephen saw a vision of heaven, with Jesus at the right hand of God, they rushed at him and stoned him. Even during this, Stephen prayed for their forgiveness.
Discussion Starters:Have you ever been afraid to tell someone about Jesus?
What happened?
Why is God honored when we stand up for Him?

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