Junior Church | Easter

Welcome to At-Home Junior Church! Today is Easter and are we worshiping Jesus because He is risen!

Here are some songs to sing about Easter!

Our story today is Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection:

Here is another video of this story from The Miracle Maker movie:

For Parents

For Sunday evening ideas, check out Minno Church at Home for a video, coloring pages, and other activities.

Theme:Jesus is risen!
Goal:Children will celebrate Jesus because He died for all of us and He is alive.
Text:Matthew 27:27-56; 28:1-10
Summary:After Jesus’ arrest and trials, the soldiers mocked Jesus by dressing Him as a king and adorning Him with a crown of thorns. They hurled fists and insults at Him. As they were going out to Golgotha, Simon of Cyrene was drafted to carry the cross. The soldiers cast lots for His clothes and a sign mocking Jesus as King of the Jews was nailed above His head. The crowd, leaders and two thieves on either side of Jesus all cast insults at Jesus. As the time grew near, darkness spread over the land. Jesus cried out at God for forsaking Him. Then Jesus gave up His spirit. At that moment the Temple veil was torn from the top, an earthquake happened and people rose from the dead. On Sunday, some women found at Jesus’ tomb an angel that had rolled back the stone. The angel said that Jesus was not there; He had risen as promised! On the way to tell the others, Jesus appeared to the women!
Discussion Starters:Why was Jesus’ death a good thing?
Why was Jesus’ resurrection a good thing?
What does Jesus’ resurrection mean for you?

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