Junior Church | March 29

Welcome to At-Home Junior Church! Today we are worshiping Jesus because he has power over death!

Here are some songs to sing about Jesus’ power!

Our story today is Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. Here is the Story from John:

Here is another video of this story from The Miracle Maker movie:

For Parents

Theme: Jesus has power over death.
Goal: Children will praise Jesus for His power over death and in their lives.
Text: John 11:1-45
Summary: Lazarus became sick, and his sisters sent word to Jesus of his status. Jesus said this would result in God’s glory. He remained where he was for two more days, then journeyed with his disciples back to Judea, even though the people there tried to stone Jesus earlier. Jesus arrived in Bethany to find Lazarus had been dead for four days. His sisters were saddened but trusted that Jesus was the Christ. Jesus said that He was the resurrection and the life. Jesus wept when He saw the tomb of Lazarus. After the stone was rolled away as he had asked, Jesus prayed, loud enough so that everyone could hear, for Lazarus to come out. He rose from the dead and walked out! The many mourners there put their faith in Him.
Discussion Starters: *Why do you think Jesus waited so long before coming to see Lazarus?
*What do you think the people were thinking before Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead?
*What do you think the people were thinking after Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead?

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